Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sad “See-You-Laters”

I watched as Sam climbed into an over-packed mini-bus headed to Oshakati on the border of Namibia and Angola. As I climbed into bed that night, I knew he was plodding along cramped in between the man next to him and his backpack filled with things to occupy him and snacks I hoped would sustain him on the LONG trek. The next morning at 7:40 am, he arrived at the border and crossed into Angola. He had a few hours at the border, bought a SIM card to keep in contact with me while he’s there, and secured a place on the next bus to carry him all the way Lubango. Although that leg of the trip is only about 400km, due to the road conditions he wouldn’t arrive till late at night. Please pray for his safety and SANITY as he spends time in Angola!

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