Monday, January 10, 2005

belief of the infinite

what if i choose to believe it? believe it with ALL my heart, soul and mind...not the belief that causes one to thank Him when the sky is lit with purples and reds, or the belief that warrants faithful attendance and scripture and prayer, but BELIEF. belief that sucks the air from my lungs and makes me dizzy with the FACT that GOD is hopelessly infatuated with ME.
WHAT??? the pulse in my veins right now as i type, is owed to this...this being, this person, spirit, passion, inventor, whatever He is, or chooses to be...the electrical currents firing off in my brain right now as i form the words, and cause my fingers to clack against the keys, the very will that causes my body to move...all is a piece of Him. and i somehow know it. and somehow i've chosen to keep pieces of myself for myself. somehow i've managed to dull my senses enough to ignore the fact that i owe my every breath to someone else. and He crossed time and space to make Himself known to me. He...

i have no words.

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