Saturday, January 29, 2005

eternal summer in my spotless mind

so, i wore sandals yesterday. yes, i was aware that it was 2 degrees outside. but why should that stop me? it's summer somewhere, right? as i was thinking about how much i love sandals, flip flops, bare feet (whatever keep my toes free from the prison-like confines of shoes), while i lay in my ridiculously tall bed trying desperately to fall asleep this morning after work, it came to me: i need a summer birthday. i am 6 days away from turning 28, and i've never had a summer birthday bash. remember all the cool kids who got to have pool parties and backyard barbeques for their birthday? not me. i get february...28 days of FREAKING COLD! so, thanks to my stubborn, chilly toes refusing to believe it was too cold to be out yesterday, i finally had an answer for my wonderfully organized, party-planner of a roomate who's been on my case (in the nicest and most appreciated of ways, mind you) to tell her what i wanted to do for my birthday so she could spread the word. so i made the call and she ran with it. we're throwing caution to the wind and cranking up the heat for one night of summer in february. i can't wait.

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emma said...

i very much agree that barefeet and flipflops are missed. i love walking around in the grass with no shoes, greeeeeen grass, and mud. gosh. yes. amanda you are the bestest