Thursday, January 27, 2005

twixters...twenty-something peter pans

TIME magazine has an article in the jan 24, 2oo5 issue that really had some interesting things to say of my generation. it of course tries to label us (as if we've not had enough labels already, thank you) quote: "They're betwixt and between. You could call them twixters. " the article goes on to talk about many veiwpoints and speculations on why the 20-somethings are seemingly taking longer and longer to "grow up". how so many are seemingly stuck between adolescence and those milestones of adulthood - marriage, family, house, career. you really should check out the whole article, but i want to share with you here one part that really struck me:

"But whatever the cause, twixters are looking for a sense of purpose and importance in their work, something that will add meaning to their lives, and many don't want to rest until they find it."

doesn't this sound like a generation that is seeking God?

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