Friday, February 04, 2005

lyrics, lyrics, lyrics

call me from my sin-soaked self into your unbelievable arms
wrap around me like a drug and keep me spent
show me how to walk-
teach me like a child
never thought i'd live this wild
in your unbelievable arms -
in your unbelievable arms

how is it - why is it - that when i've run so far
racing away on my own steam,
that all i want is to be tucked back inside the heart of God
and wrapped
in your unbelievable arms -
in your unbelievable arms


Kristi said...

Awesome lyrics!

But you've broken a 'blogger rule'...
always post who/where the lyrics are from- or link to them ;o)

(I'm curious...)

Schmanda said...

well...i didn't post who wrote 'em, cuz i did! =) yeah. so there ya go. curiosity satisfied.

Philio said...

oh that's good. I love the "keep me spent" line. Reminds me of a quote I heard "there should be nothing more exhausting than whole-hearted worship". I can't remember the guy's name who said...but he was a worship leader that I heard in Nashville.

Good writing sister, I look forward to more.