Thursday, March 24, 2005

Feeling December

i'm feeling December lately. bewildered, chilly, bleak and worthy of a long nap. (did i mention that i slept continuously for 14 hours yesterday). there are moments of snowlit excitement in the air, fresh-faced evenings of firelight and tinsel. but also long dark days of day-in-day-out trudging through snow with uncertainty of when spring will come. i feel so uninspired. where is the spark of creativity...the time when words flow and God feels nearer then my heartbeat, whispering peices of Himself into my ear? humdrum plateau days are necessary, but the need for them doesn't make them any less blah. December isn't a bad place to be, just sometimes too long for me. i know the newness of my January has got to be right around the bend...

just need to ride this sleigh a bit longer.

i found this picture on a public photo posting...just seems to capture the...i don't know...i just think it's beautiful.

the beauty of spring

i think i would title this photo "The Beauty of Hope"

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