Saturday, March 05, 2005

ok, i admit it...

tonight i cried while listening to Five Iron Frenzy. and no, it's not the first time either. now before you think i'm out of my mind for getting teary over upbeat SKA songs, just let these lyrics (that i've heard hundreds of times, mind you) penetrate your heart for a bit:

"Dear Father, I need You, Your strength my heart to mend
I want to fly higher, every new day again.
Man Vs. himself, man Vs. machine, man Vs. the world, mankind Vs. me...
the struggles go on, the wisdom i lack... the struggles keep piling up on my back...
it's so hard to breathe, to take the next step. the mountain is high, i wait in the depths
yearning for grace, and hoping for peace
Dear God, increase
Jesus Christ, Light of the World burning bright within our souls forever
Freedom, Peace, Love, without condition
without a begining or an end
here's my heart, let it be forever Yours
Only You can make every new day seem so new."

- FIF "Every New Day"


Ian said...

Yeah, it's a beautiful song. Have you heard the version on their live CD? Reese does the bridge with a lot more emotion than the one on Our Newest Album Ever.

They also use the last verse at the end of On Distant Shores, which is probably my favorite Five Iron song.

Let me know if you haven't heard them and I'll throw together a mix for you.

Kristi said...

Mmmm... so true, Schmanda!

And don't you know it...while you were thinking this last night, I was experiencing it at the Supertones show =o) Both them and FIF have very solid, convicting lyrics....and Ska to boot....hehe

(oh, the other half of my brain..;o)

neil said...

you - cry? hmmm... it was probably because you wanted to be outside bouldering, wasn't it?

emma said...

i will admit my dear friend that that song has made me cry quite afew times as well, and ians right, the live version of tat song is well, yeah. you can borrow it from me if you haven't heard it. those lyrics have been posted on my xanga site more than once haha.
reese roper is one of my favorites

AmyLea said...

Oh girl, that song makes me cry more than not... :-) And YES, I will third that Ian is right about the live version. Man it's amazing. I saw them live loooong ago (on tour with Justin McRoberts and the W's ahhhhh, old school...) on the Roller Skate tour....pretty much the whole band ended up on their faces at the end of the song. Oh how I love Five Iron....but I love the PURPOSE of that song even more. :-) *tear just thinking about it*

Schmanda said...

yep, i do have that cd with the live version and it is equally wonderful. isn't it so good of God to use so many different styles for His glory?