Friday, March 25, 2005

you're not a witch or something are you?

ok, so some of you have heard the story, but i feel the need to expound on this one. i'm sure most of you that know amber and myself have probably seen and more than likely commented on the rock necklaces that we often wear. i purchased the original two necklaces from a young qypsy woman in Gibraltar who daily spreads out a little blanket along the roadside and adeptly loops wire around small jewels and rocks while passersby stand and watch.

since then, both she and i have made our own, and while wearing any of these lovely creations, both my roomie and i are constantly getting comments. the remarks run the gammut from amber being grabbed by the shoulders by a perfumed, big-haired southern baptist lady to my encounter with a security guard in the grocery store parking lot. the latter is the one i shall now explain.

so amber and i are in my car pulling out of a parking space at the grocery store and heading towards to exit. a security guard is walking towards us and motioning with his hands. i slow the car and roll down the window. he approaches.

security guard: wow, that's a really pretty necklace.

amanda: (inner monologue: this is weird) uh, thanks.

security guard: does it mean something?

amanda: (inner monologue: you stopped me to talk about my necklace?) no...

security guard: oh, ok...i though maybe you were a witch or something. didn't know if i should ask about it...thought maybe you'd turn me green or something!

amanda:'s just a pretty necklace. (inner monologue: let's get out of here!)

i roll up the window and make a quick exit. i look at amber.

amber: you should have said yes and pretended to put a spell on him.

well, all that to say this: you too could own your very own witch necklace.
i am making them as a way to raise funds for my africa mission trip in June. they're $10 a piece so if you're interested, feel free to post here or talk to me the next time you see me. if you don't know what i'm talking about, i'll post some pics of a few here soon so you can get a idea. tell friends, neighbors, coworkers, family...anybody you can think of, and the money will be going towards the mission trip. and if they give their name, i can even get them a receipt from the church if they would like for tax purposes.

here's me in the afore mentioned "witch necklace"...

amanda 2


chad o said...

shmanda! the necklace thing is a great idea to raise money...but i'm a dude and i don't think dudes look good in big rock necklaces, plus i don't want people to think i'm a witch. i enjoyed lunch very much with you on tues...we'll have to do it again. i hope the easter bunny sneaks to your room to give you a really awkward hug.
chad o

neil said...

glad you had fun climbing this weekend - i'm headed outdoors next weekend. i was going to go this weekend, but we had tornadoes down here, so i was forced to retreat yet again to an indoor facility. i DO look forward to some great climbing when i return, though... 5.10a, huh? you're gonna rock my world when i return, i can't hang! must be the power from the stone. did you know, according to the air force, wicca is an official 'religion'? useless fyi, but they have wiccan chaplains...

Beauty4Ashes274 said...

i would love a necklace!

emma said...

emma would very much like a pretty witch necklace necklace
emma would even more so love to pay amanda for make her a pretty witch necklace to help her get to africa
this makes emma happy