Friday, March 11, 2005

seriously, this is fo' rizzle....

ok, go to

type a webpage into the search engine and click "translate page" or you can look at one of the popular gizoogled sites...or try your own blog!

it translates sites into "snoop dogg"'s an example:

"it looked a lot coola in person, but you can still see tha caked blood, so that's gots`ta be wizzay sum-m sum-m. so yeah, in addition ta thizzat i was climb'n a new 5.10 that nate had like a billion takes on tha first tizzy he climbed it (-N-to-tha-izzot ta brag, but i put him ta shame, by tha way. he admitted it.) n mah fizzy slipped off a hold n i cracked mah ankle on anotha hold. yeah, thiznat hizzay . They call me tha black folks president. i figured it'd just be anotha crazy bruise added ta tha dozens i've already gots fizzle various climbs, but shot calla tonight wizzy i wizzle up from mah before work nap, i realized tizzle it had swollen ta tha point that, well, let's jizzle say if you tizzy a baseball n cut it in half, thiznat was `bout how swollen it was."


Kristi said...

Hah. yes, I have seen that.....who comes UP with these things????

Schmanda said...

amber and i gizoogled our blogs last night....words cannot describe how hilarious that is.

Ken said...

Thanks for a great laugh today. I translated the apex home page to find our mission statement now reads :

Lead'n thugz ta a ridin' intimate relatizzle wit Jesus Christ