Tuesday, March 15, 2005

oh the randomness of life

things that make me smile:

7am phone calls to agree that, yes, my roomate is indeed cute and really cool
packed livingrooms full of Jesus-loving people
super short hair
a wedding date sure to be full of laughter
$8.00 still left on my Thai 9 card
Easter weekend camping plans -here's to sharing a tent and Jesus
premium pay
forever flip flops
ink written on the first page of my next journal
old friendships rekindled
Sequoia National Park
"I Hate Mexico" the musical : original score by Amber Barger
Dominos and coffee
sunrises after work
awkward hugs
sleeping at night once a week
turkish tea
the warmth of spring around the corner...


AmyLea said...

I really love reading what makes other people smile... I'm like "Yeah, I take joy in that too..."

chad o said...

chad o would like to toast the inventers of the awkward hug ,"here, here!"

neil said...

several weeks of bon-jovi-challenege-free climbing? ha! but when i get back, it will be double or nothing, bon jovi AND country!

ps - have you taken your lead tests yet?

sUnStoOdStiLl said...

Oh my - there are too many unreached people to choose from! I am looking with great earnest for the day when perspectives class is doing this project and there are only 20 or so people groups to choose from. . .

wow, so the gujarati of Maldives look interesting they would be a very strategic group to reach because of how many people in a handful of countries have the same language. . . than I got here : http://www.joshuaproject.net/countries.php?rog3=IN
and India is jam packed of people groups . . . basically you or mike can choose a letter. . . than the next person can choose a second letter. . . and so on till we rule out some people groups and narrow it down.
I'm excited. . .

sUnStoOdStiLl said...
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sUnStoOdStiLl said...

I need help. . . I don't understand blogging. . . :( haha.

sUnStoOdStiLl said...