Saturday, February 12, 2005

dreaming green

yes, i love technology
not as much as you, you see...
but still i love technology
always and forever

just for those of you following my posts, and the fact that i was just talking about not over-using the word "love", the words above are not my own, as everyone should know the famous lyrics of Kip Dynamite by now. but it expressed in a funny way how happy i am for the technology that can keep me so connected accross the miles...even to my long-lost doulos roomie, Jen. we get to read each other's rambling thoughts at the click of a few keys, from dayton, Ohio all the way to the land of words like, "jumper"and telling time with phrases like, "half one".

gotta love the Irish, yes?

check out her comment on my 1st post "motive...aye, there's the rub".
jen, i think your comment was 5 times the size of my post! make sure you check out her blog. its sute to be challenging and i look forward to much more iron sharpening iron.


Beauty4Ashes274 said...

hey amanda!!! it's hannah piesang :) so you were close. thanks for the comment. it was very encouraging.
hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week! maybe i'll see you at church tonight. God bless and love. -piesang-

Star*light said...

Awh, you! careful, though- us Irish will get the old inflatible egos, to be surre, to be suree!