Saturday, February 19, 2005

feel the burn

ever had sunburn on your neck? i feel like that now. in a good way. tattoo #2 is complete and its completely wonderful. Fud down at Blue Bird did a great job and was totally entertaining all the while.


did it hurt? heck YES it did...but one hour or so of so-called "suffering" is nothing. and now i'm down to the sunburn feeling. its kind of nice - it makes me feel like i've just returned from somewhere hot and sunny, like the Mexcian beaches my housemate amber has no doubt been enjoying this week.

my random moment from this week:
i arrived at the Krag on thursday, dropped my bag to the carpet and sat down on the floor to harness up and put on my shoes. sitting to my right was caleb, a guy i've recently become aquainted with through climbing regularly there. without a word, caleb leaned close to me and drew in a deep breath through his nose and proclaimed,

"You smell really good."

and that was it. he turned and went about his business. end of conversation.


neil said...

heck yes for good friends and getting crazy with ink! as for random people at the gym, they happen. come on.

emma said...

haha. i'm so laughing out loud right now. that is quite the moment.
i'm super siked about seeing it. tomorrow tomorrow, and if not tomorrow for some odd reason, i'm so driving to your house to find you out.

G-CUBE said...

your tattoo is really cool. hey, thanks for being such a big sport. i totally appreciate it. you are a very good friend. dont work too much. remember the sabbath. take your days off. i will see you today at SmG

AmyLea said...

That's awesome. :-) And yes, your tattoo rocks.