Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Enjoying the Grace of His Creation

As I mentioned, Howard and Rhonda took us to Okapuka Lodge for a day of respit and enjoying our God through what He has made. Such a joy it was! Here are the photos from our day of being spoiled missonaries:

Definitely my favorite shot of the day:

HPIM0932 (Small)

can you believe I actually live somewhere where I can take shots like this and it's only a 30 minute drive from my house? (And we're NOT talking at the zoo....)

HPIM0926 (Small)

Two White Rhinos enjoying their breakfast

HPIM0858 (Small)

Me with my new friend, Starfire, getting ready for the horseback safari at Okapuka Lodge

HPIM0911 (Small)

Riding through the bush on horseback. I think there's a wildebeast in the distance, but he blends in pretty well.

HPIM0917 (Small)

OK, just felt the need to satisfy those visual learners back home. Enjoy!


samfabio said...
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samfabio said...

great pictures!