Thursday, April 13, 2006


So if you have noticed in my recent pictures, my hair has been getting a bit shaggy, but not being familiar with what kind of a cut I might experience here in Namibia (and since my roomate/hairstylist for the first month or so has returned to the States) I was a bit hesitant....apprehensive even, but I braved it today and had my first haircut here at one of the places in town. Praise the Lord for my friend, Joy, who warned me about what to expect. And thankful I am for that warning because, seriously I think she cuts hair faster than any human alive. She was completely just cutting random snips of hair all over the place in crazy haphazard angles, and hair was flying without any apparent rhyme or reason. Had I not been warned, this might have been disturbing, but I trusted Joy's word that, indeed as crazy as it seemed, the end result would be a good one. And, indeed, it was. Me = Very happy.

This is me smiling because I won't need to be wearing a headscarf for the next 4 weeks.


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