Sunday, April 16, 2006

mavenga otjikuthinga

I’ve discovered that the lowest point in my kitchen is in front of the refrigerator…How do I know this? Simply put, that is where the water is the deepest.

MENTAL NOTE: If you are ever living at my house in Nau-Aib and you decide to take a shower shortly after finishing washing the dishes, it might be a good idea to first check to make sure that the hot water tap on the kitchen sink is closed. If you fail to do this, you may notice a big drop in water pressure and it won’t be a very warm shower. I doubt, however, that you will put two and two together until you decide to return a cup to the kitchen without turning on the light and you end up standing in about an inch of water (the deepest of which will happen to be in front of the refrigerator, by the way). At this point you may realize that while you were trying to have a shower, you have inadvertently given your kitchen a bath.

TIP: It is possible to use a broom to sweep water out the back door.


Jamie Murphy said...

qI too had this experience in my house in Nau-Aib my first visit :)
Again, thanks for sharing.
I so enjoy your postings

Lisa said...

I have roaming your blog over the last couple days and just wanted to let you know they are always enjoyable to read.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!