Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In General

We’ve seen how our individual ministries and lives are beginning to come together and how one thing is lending itself to the other:

* The mother of one of our students from the OSS Bible study, Sylvia, is part of the Woodcarver’s Bible study, and has expressed an interest in being a part of Erin’s ministry to the women of Oshetu.

* Mavea, a young woman who is Todd and Erin’s neighbor, whom they initially invited to house church a few months ago, has been devouring the Word of God and growing. She has become a good friend of mine and we often get together to watch movies and have coffee. Just last week she helped out with serving the food for Kids Club, which Jenny, Erin and Todd and I are a part of.

* Buddy and I attended the Sunday Night Bible study in Oshetu, and the women from Oshetu came to the Women’s Bible study here last week.

Its just really artistic of God to begin things in our lives individually only to bring many of those things together for a bigger impact – His greatest glory

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