Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I think I finally feel settled here now. I feel like my friendships with people are natural and I no longer have to work so hard at it, like one has to when there are lots of new friendships being built in a new place.

The girls are starting to come over randomly just to visit me, which is just wonderful. Caroline (one of the girls from the Bible study – in grade 8) comes by quite a bit and has been helping me by quizzing me in my Afrikaans. She even made up a school notebook for me. The front of it reads:

Amanda Zeiders
Grade 1
“Caroline Primary School”

The weather is getting cooler. Most mornings I have to wear long sleeves now until the middle of the day, then its too warm. But once the sun sets (at 6pm now since the time change) the long sleeves come back out. Hot tea on cool breezy mornings = happiness.

I’ve seen a lot of beauty in God’s creation around this country in the last few weeks and I continue to be in awe of His creativity and splendor.

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