Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Women's Bible Study - Colssians

Tonight was great and although it was only me, Sylvia and Nelda, we had a very nice time. I decided that we would just spend some time talking and then pray together, so that we didn’t get too far ahead of the others who weren’t here tonight. In our talking we somehow ended up on the topic of relationships, marriage, humility and submission and the role of the husband and wife. It was pretty cool how even just our “chatting” came around to focusing on God and His Word. Then I asked if we could pray together, said I would begin and then leave time for either of them to pray if they wanted to, but that they didn’t have to if they preferred not to aloud. It was such a sweet time. I began to pray and then after me, Sylvia, and then Nedla. (It is so cool just to hear her pray, especially because she seems so timid so speak up most of the time.) She prays in Afrikaans and I can only understand half of what she is praying, but it is so encouraging to hear her. God is drawing her nearer to Himself. Pray that she continues to listen to Him calling her.

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